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<img src="./About/Gernot_Walzl_2016_s.jpg" alt="Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gernot WALZL" />
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gernot WALZL
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<h3>Welcome to my Homepage</h3>
These web-pages are automatically generated by a<br />
Content Management System (CMS) written by myself.<br />
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The <a href="#navigation">navigation menu</a> shows the folder structure.<br />
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The content is placed where you are reading now.
Informations about myself are found under
<a href="index.php?nav=About">About</a>.
If you are interested in
<a href="index.php?nav=About/Scientific_Research">geometric algorithms</a> or
<a href="index.php?nav=About/Software_Development">efficient software</a>,<br />
don't hesitate to <a href="index.php?nav=Contact">contact</a> me.
An automatically generated feed
(<a href="changes.php?format=rss">RSS</a>/<a href="changes.php?format=html">HTML</a>)
shows recent changes.
I use my <a href="WordPress">weblog</a> to write about topics I am currently interested in.