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Raspbian is a Debian-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi.

It utilizes the following features:

After installing Raspbian, I recommend to run my,
which is found at the bottom of this page.


CONTENT.html 2017-12-30 1.11 KB 2018-01-03 1.86 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Downloads, builds and installs darkplaces (Quake) on Raspbian.
SDL2 needs to be built with a video driver that supports 2018-01-03 1.77 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Downloads, builds and installs Quake 3 on Raspbian.
If or is missing, 2018-06-10 1.21 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Downloads, builds and installs SDL2 on Raspbian.
This build script enables hardware-accelerated graphics rendering. 2018-09-02 6.45 KB
A simple surveillance camera script for the raspberry pi camera.
When the camera detects motion, a video is recorded.
On a default Raspian installation, the package 'python-opencv' is required:
apt-get install python-opencv
Known Issues 2018-11-18 3.35 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Configure a fresh installation of Raspbian Linux.
..." 10 70 2017-12-18 594 B
Connect a simple power button to pin 5 (GPIO 3) and pin 6 (GND).
By pressing this button, the Raspberry Pi will wake up from
halt state and boot.
This script is used to shut down the Raspberry Pi by using the same button. 2017-09-13 714 B
apt-get install cec-utils
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