Gernot Walzl


Debian is an operating system based on Linux.
The distribution contains a huge collection of open source software.

After Debian has been installed, I recommend having a look at, which is found at the bottom of this page.

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by Gernot Walzl
This script builds a Debian package of the Linux kernel. source 2023-12-17 1.3 KB
by Gernot WALZL
This script creates a repository of packages for Debian.
The folder "pool" is expected to be in the current working directory.
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by Gernot Walzl
"debsums -es" finds packages where the default config files were modified.
This script creates a file ${PKG}.conffiles.diff containing a diff of changes source 2023-06-23 8.5 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Configure a fresh installation of Debian Linux.