Gernot Walzl

Scripts source 2012-07-30 481 B
Ad-hoc networking
wpa_supplicant needs to be disabled before running this script.
Usage: INT=wlan0 IP= ./ source 2020-06-27 2 KB
by Gernot WALZL
This script enables AirPrint for CUPS printers.
avahi-daemon uses UDP port 5353 and UDP ports between 32768 and 61000. source 2022-02-18 1.1 KB
by Gernot WALZL
Creates a backup of important directories
{/home, /root, /etc, /var/www/htdocs} source 2010-10-27 1 KB
$Id:,v 1.1 2008/03/22 16:51:22 root Exp root $
Written 2008 by Eric Hameleers <>
This command will check the md5sum of a cd (ignoring possible padding at
the end by only checking the same amount of bytes at the iso image) and
also check the md5sum of the ISO image. source 2011-07-18 1.1 KB source 2015-07-09 651 B
by Gernot Walzl
After an update, mozilla products (e.g. firefox) promt to be the default
application. Outdated desktop entries are not removed automatically. source 2014-02-16 3 KB
by Gernot WALZL
downloads, compiles and installs the linux kernel source 2014-01-29 1 KB
by Gernot WALZL
This script creates an iso image from the contents of a given directory.
The contents will be replicated as often as it is possible to source 2014-01-28 1.4 KB
by Gernot Walzl
gpg --detach-sig --armor CHECKSUMS.md5 source 2011-08-04 926 B
by Gernot WALZL
Deletes all trailing whitespace
recursively for all files with a given extension inside a folder. source 2011-08-04 1009 B
by Gernot WALZL
Checks if the directory tree and its contents of a given directory
on the local system are equal on a remote system. source 2024-06-02 1.8 KB
by Gernot Walzl
[Desktop Entry] source 2011-08-12 852 B
Run OCR on a multi-page PDF file and create a new pdf with the
extracted text in hidden layer. Requires cuneiform, hocr2pdf, gs.
Usage: ./ input.pdf output.pdf
extract images of the pages (note: resolution hard-coded) source 2015-05-12 946 B
by Gernot Walzl
create encrypted container source 2015-07-06 308 B
by Gernot Walzl source 2015-07-06 377 B
by Gernot Walzl source 2015-07-06 321 B
by Gernot Walzl source 2014-04-03 1.7 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Creates an account for guests.
The guest's home directory gets cleaned up on logout. source 2010-11-22 622 B
by Gernot Walzl
Checks for an active internet connection by pinging a given host.
If the host is down, it reconnects. A log file is written for all conditions.
initscript 2010-10-27 786 B source 2024-06-08 1.3 KB
by Gernot Walzl source 2013-05-18 569 B
by Gernot WALZL
nasty workaround for nvidia drivers to resume from dpms off/suspend
pkgsums 2015-04-23 3.1 KB
rc.firewall 2014-01-29 3.4 KB
rc.updated 2015-10-30 4.4 KB source 2016-11-13 1.4 KB
by Gernot WALZL
Creates a backup for a given NTFS partition. In case of an emergency
this partition can be restored in approximately 10 minutes.
sbopkg+ 2015-06-22 1.8 KB source 2011-09-05 627 B
Uses iptables to drop every outgoing packet, except TOR source 2014-01-29 2.7 KB
by Gernot Walzl
Converts a given SlackBuild to the
submission guidelines defined by source 2014-05-23 825 B
by Gernot Walzl
Synchronizes SlackBuilds via HTTP.
It downloads locally existent slackbuilds only and checks for modifications. source 2013-11-19 579 B
by Gernot Walzl
Compares the content of 2 tar archives source 2020-02-03 1.9 KB
This script securifies anonymity and privacy.
QEMU ( is used for virtualization.
All outgoing traffic is forwarded through TOR ( source 2014-05-23 1003 B
by Gernot WALZL
Checks for content changes on given URLs. source 2018-02-05 1.2 KB
by Gernot WALZL
Creates checksums of all running processes.
verify kernel source 2012-09-28 688 B
by Gernot WALZL
Uses VideoLAN (vlc) to stream the webcam over http. source 2014-01-29 938 B
by Gernot Walzl
Logs in a user into the running X session by sending commands to KDM.