Gernot Walzl

Software Development

This is a list of products I developed.
Recent products were developed with a team.
Early products were developed on my own.

EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

2020-07 – present ALPHA
Real-time classification of spectral data

Stream Supervisor
Visualize material streams and provide key data over OPC UA

EXIAS Medical GmbH

2016-02 – 2019-05 e|1 Analyzer
System software for in vitro diagnostic instrument
Embedded Linux board programmed in C++, Qt 5, Shell

Virtual Vehicle Research Center

2007-07 – 2009-01 MASDA
Measurement- and Simulation Data Analysis
Developed as Eclipse RCP in Java

Schwing GmbH

2009 ZeichnungsArchiv
Archive of constructional drawings
2007 ACLAnalyzer
Inspect access control lists
2007 Personaleinteilung
Automated shift schedule
2006 – 2010 anwesenheit
Web interface for attendance recorder
2006 – 2007 EDVInv
Inventory tool
2004 QM-Hydraulikzylinder
Testing bench for hydraulic cylinders
Simatic S5, Visual Basic 6, Microsoft SQL

w&p Transport GmbH

2005 Freight invoicing application
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